Laptop cases are necessary if you are traveling with your laptop computers frequently. Laptop cases basically protect laptops from harm and permits you to carry additional items like extra batteries, mouse and other laptop accessories. These days almost all persons use laptops whether desktops or portable computers. Anyone who utilize laptop computers basically need laptop cases that will cover your laptop and keep it safe and secure while you are in transit. These cases are available in the market in a whole range of colors, styles, designs and trends. Choose a laptop case that will blend with your lifestyle making it simpler and easier for you to carry your laptops whenever you are on frequent trips.

Backpack cases

These types of cases are prevalent among students. These are normally manufactured from nylon and polyester materials. The benefit of these types of cases is that you can also carry your books aside from your laptop. You may also find numerous pockets to store your stuffs and accessories. Water proof types are now available in the market to better protect your equipment from harm or damage.

Neoprene net book sleeves

These bags are also popular among various young individuals. These are basically compact, multifunctional and artistic. Net book users do not necessarily carry added accessories because netbooks are designed to have extended battery power. These sleeves normally have double zippers to offer expedient slip in and out for your netbooks.

Laptop hard bags

Laptop hard bags are other options to shield your laptop from ordinary wear and tear. These are basically manufactured from top quality metals such as aluminum and steel to offer maximum protection for your device. These bags are perfect for individuals who are always on the go where greater chances of harm and damage to your laptops are possible.

Briefcase style

These type of bags are often utilized by mobile employees but can still be used by everyone who wants maximum protection for their laptops. These bags do come with tiny fold down or fully zippered opening or flap. These bags are well padded that is why you will acquire utmost protection for your laptops. Most of these cases do come with flexible dividers, interior compartments and external pockets.

Messenger bags

If you are in constant search for an excellent laptop case, these are one of your options. These bags provide maximum visual charm though they seem too informal but these are accessible in a whole range of designs and color schemes. These bags frequently come with shoulder and hand straps with numerous pockets beneath the flap to store various stuffs. These bags are ideal for women who are known to carry plenty of accessories in their laptops.

Rolling laptop cases

These cases are designed to fully protect your laptops from damage and have wheels to make it simpler for you to carry your laptop around. These are ideal since these types are usually wheeled luggage bags that possess a safe rest for your precious device. If you are on constant travel, rolling laptop cases is just perfect for you.

Laptop cases are very much indispensable to safeguard your cherished laptop. Currently, laptops, netbooks and notebooks have become prevalent. As a consequence, varied cases and bags have been manufactured to cater to the individual requisites of various laptop users. Whichever type of bags and cases you would opt for be sure that it will provide the highest protection for your laptops. There are numerous places where you can search for these cases and you may even browse the net to search for one that will cater to your personal tastes and requisites.

Most working women, especially those in executive roles, need to carry a laptop to the work with them. A laptop needs to be carried in a proper covering and woman executives are always on the look for laptop cases for women. If you too are looking for a case or bag for your laptop, consider the following tips before buying one:

1. The Size: The very first thing you should look for is the size of the case otherwise; you may end up buying something very trendy yet useless. Check the size of your laptop, if you do not know it already, your laptop provider will be able to tell you that. Thickness of your laptop is also of great importance before buying a laptop bag. Some laptops are sleek and some are not, so it is important that your laptop case should have enough room to accommodate your laptop.

2. The Inner Space: It should also have enough inner space to accommodate all necessary accessories like the power cord etc. If you prefer to keep some files and papers in it, it should have that much of space to accommodate them too.

3. The Material: After knowing the size of the case you need, you must consider the material of the case. Many women like their laptop case to be hard. They like to walk smartly like their male counterparts. Other women like all their accessories to be trendy and stylish. Laptop cases are available in hard molded, leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Leather is the most preferred material for laptop cases but it tends to look older soon.

Hard laptop cases are usually made of aluminum or plastic. They come with proper interior padding and are great shock absorbers but they are quite stiff and you need a lot of space to keep them even after you remove your laptop from them. Hard plastic laptops also develop cracks if they are dropped or hit accidentally.

Some are made of canvas or synthetic materials are lightweight; they need lesser space, care, and are trendy too. These cases are available in a range of colors and styles to choose from but they do not last long.

4. The Options: Several manufacturers of laptop bags for women offer various options for you to choose. For example, Macklien makes laptop bags for women that have detachable wheels. It has impressive looks, is trendy and is available in many colors. These laptop cases are great for women executives who have to travel frequently. They have a feminine touch too, so after you come out of the airport and detach the wheels, they also work as fashion statements.

Coakley makes laptop bags only for women. These bags have features of a laptop case, a briefcase and a purse all in one. With these cases, you need not carry a purse or a brief case; they are self sufficient to carry all that you need. Mobile Edge makes a variety of cases for women, which look as good as handbags for women. They are available in a range of colors. It is not necessary to buy branded laptop cases. Similar features are also provided by many other makers at affordable prices. You should check them too.

The wallet is one of the most desired accessories of men who always like to play it cool. There are many varieties of wallets being introduced to this segment so far one more add-on has been made to the modern men’s wallet category and that is a slim wallet. It is trending in the market and is famous for its simplicity, design, and comfort. This is the most innovative wallet being added to this segment and there are many designs that enrich the look of the wallet. Let’s look at few varieties of slim wallets for men.

Bi-fold slim wallet: A slim bi-fold wallet is an alteration to the classic bi-fold wallet and is made keeping in view the modern men’s thrust for weightless, comfortable wallets.

Zipped bi-fold slim wallet: A zipped wallet for men is featuring with an add-on that was not there in any other kind of wallets and i.e., safety. It is zipped from all the sides thus ensuring safety and security to your belongings.

Nylon wallet: Generally, the majority of the wallets are made up of leather if you are bored with the material you can always go for a nylon slim one that not only ensures longevity but also looks unique.

Vertical wallet: Many of these are generally horizontal in shape. Altering this classic tradition of keeping them horizontal, 4 the vertical slim wallets have been introduced to the slim wallet for men segment, thus making wallets more approachable and trendy.

Slim Card wallet: In this digitalized world, many young stars prefer to carry cards over physical currency. Perhaps, using cards is more convenient and safer thus propelling many to use cards for various transactions. Keeping this necessity of modern men many wallet companies are coming up with designs that are specially made to park the user’s cards in one place.

There are many branded companies that are into manufacturing slim wallets for men and are coming up with many different models made up of leather, nylon and many other such materials that not only gives a posh, sleek look but also ensures longevity. Especially if you buy a branded slim wallet with a warranty, you can expect a longer life though you use it in harsher conditions.

There are certain companies which are giving an option of returning the wallet before 6 months of purchase if the customer is not satisfied with the product; however, there are certain terms and conditions to be fulfilled as per the company’s return policy.

We live In a high-tech world filled with comfy conveniences, including computers, laptops, smart phones, and GPS devices; yet most men sit on bulky, uncomfortable pony-express era wallets. How do we end the “battle of the bulge” and make one of our most personal accessories — our wallet — finally work for us instead of being a pain in the tush?

To slim down your current wallet, your best option is to periodically cull the contents of your wallet. Warning, this requires some discipline!

Paper items of fleeting value cause much wallet bulkiness: cash machine receipts, notes and business cards received from people you have long ago forgotten. Take 10 minutes once each month to prune the plethora of paper in the billfold of your wallet. Chances are you can trash 80 percent of this pile with no impact on your daily life!

Likewise, cull through your plastic items as well. You may have only a few credit cards, but you probably have lots of other plastic cards: expired gift cards and insurance cards or other cards that you never use. Junk them now!

Culling will thin your current wallet some, but to have a truly thin wallet, you’ll probably need to buy a new wallet, see below.

5 Keys to a Thinner Wallet and a Comfortable Commute

1. Avoid most credit card wallet models

If you are the rare person who carries only a few cards, avoid credit card or passcase wallets as these models quickly become thick, even when only a few cards are carried in them. Credit card wallets typically have leather pouches or removable valet sections that add thickness with little benefit to you.

If you carry a large number of cards, choose the credit card wallets that feature plastic insert pages as opposed to those that have leather pouches for carrying cards. Leather pouch wallets will usually be thicker than those that feature plastic card-holder pages.

2. Consider a front pocket wallet – or putting yours in the front pocket

There are some wallets uniquely designed to fit the contours of a front pocket. Simply do a web search on “front pocket wallet” and you should find them. Alternatively, you may choose to carry your current wallet in a front pocket. This will not make your wallet thinner but may make your drive to work more tolerable than sitting on it.

3. Select bi-folds – avoid tri-fold wallets

Bi-fold wallets are always thinner than are tri-fold wallets. The accordion effect of adding an additional third fold adds 50% more thickness. Not only are tri-folds thicker, they are typically much less comfortable to sit on than bi-folds. This is because tri-folds are usually smaller in size but much thicker in girth.

4. Choose wallets that are optimized for thinness

Some companies offer innovative designs that result in thinner wallets. Find these by searching the Internet for “slim wallets” or “thin wallets” or even “thin, flexible wallets.” Read and research carefully as different models feature trade-offs to achieve thinness. Some models utilize nylon or other ultra-thin material in place of leather. A quality leather wallet may be more durable and comfortable over the long term.

5. Choose flexible wallets for more comfortable commutes

While a thin wallet is certainly better than a thick one, a thin, flexible wallet provides optimal commute comfort in the back pocket. Even moderately thin wallets carried in a back pocket can cause so-called “wallet sciatica”. Wallet sciatica may cause numbness in the thighs and sometimes lower back pain, especially after long commutes or trips in your car.

Overall, a thinner more comfortable wallet can be achieved by pruning what you carry or by choosing a new wallet that is tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Alan Beckley is an entrepreneur and inventor of the Savvy Caddy line of thin, flexible leather wallets. Savvy Caddy wallets are uniquely thin and flexible and all cards are visible. They hold from 8 to 32 cards depending on model.

Wallet Advice

1) Step one: Find out what style wallet he has now.

A: Most Dads don’t like change unless it radically offers a solution to a wallet problem he might be experiencing. Ask him if he likes his wallet and what he would change-believe me that he has been thinking about more than he even realizes. Everyone has a strong opinion about wallets, just ask him.

2) Front pocket wallet or back pocket wallet? Or put it another way, does size matter? Imprint & surface area of the wallet…

A: Small to Big size continuum of wallets goes in order from card cases-money clips-clip wallets-trifolds-bifolds-to hipster or super skinny sizes. Most bifolds and hipster models are usually too big for the front pocket unless they have hinges that move with the body (like the super skinny model). Most trifolds fit easily in either pocket depending on how much they are overstuffed.

3) Does he carry pictures? Does he need inserts? Or has he gone digital already?

A: If he hasn’t gone digital with his photos in his cellphone or keychain photo thingy, some wallets already come with inserts or he can just use his old inserts-all inserts have a “tongue” portion that fits into a card slot-he can simply pull out his insert and put into your new gift wallet!

4) Is he a bifold or trifold kind of guy? i.e. most Dads stick to these two basic styles over the years.

A: The most popular trifolds are the regular triple foldover or the L-Shaped Trifold which coincidentally is also considered a bi-fold with a flap and is the most popular bi-fold wallet. Ahh the world of wallets and what’s in a name…Those are the top two wallet styles so you got a 50-50 chance of being on the money so to speak.

5) Find out how many plastic cards he usually carries which will help dictate the right style.

A: If he doesn’t have many plastic cards, then go for a model with very few card slots so the wallet will be thinner due to less material. If he has a lot, go for one that breaks the card deck in half just like the “super skinny model” does. Most people average about 16 thick plastic cards in their wallet, hopefully your Dad doesn’t carry everything in his wallet like George Costanza did in Seinfeld TV show-remember the exploding wallet Seinfeld episode?

6) Does color matter?

A: Most Dads opt for black although some fashion forward Dads go for brown or a lighter color that they can find easily. Black is the percentage play unless he already has a different color; then by all means take a chance! Other colors are easier to find if the wallet is bouncing around in the backpack or if it falls out of his pocket in the dark. Women have known this findability issue for years so learn from them…

7) How versatile does he want his wallet to be in a perfect world?

A: Most leather wallets are not versatile, they can’t get wet without self-destructing shortly thereafter. Nylon wallets are much more versatile especially for a sports-oriented Dad. If he is a weekend warrior then you can buy him one for the weekends and/or one for the work week-he probably never thought of having one for each part of his life or moods but heck women have been doing it for years, why can’t men have a variety of wallets for a variety of occasions?

8) Does he even need a special wallet for a certain occasions?

A: Maybe he needs a leather wallet for work reasons but a alternative material wallet for weekends and sports? A card case wallet for short jaunts to the local pub? A full on motorcycle wallet with chain if he motors around and wants the security of a chain? A travel wallet or a passport holder when he is on the road or in flight? A wallet that needs to hold a checkbook when he is running around with his best bookie. Okay, that can’t happen because your Dad doesn’t gamble right?

9) Is he a divider? Meaning: does he keep cash separate from cards in different pockets?

A: In that case, he would be better off with a card case wallet and a money clip. There are card case wallets with lots of card pockets and some with very few-depends on size preference-if your Dad is concerned with thinness, go with fewer pockets. Most people only use 4-5 plastic cards regularly anyway but if he needs to see more of them, go for the extra pockets so your Dad’s eyesight and finger dexterity stay intact.

10) Does brand matter i.e. does he care if it is a Coach wallet or Walmart wallet?

A: If so, then you are stuck but the cache of a Coach wallet or Prada wallet can go far if Dad cares about these things. If not, a lesser known brand will do but make sure the wallet is of quality construction. At least it’s easier to recognize quality by brand but heck sometimes the name isn’t worthy of the wallet and vice versa. If it says genuine leather, then run bravely away unless you just have to have the cheaper price. Go only with top-grain or full-grain leather if you go for cowhide. Other animal skin leather wallets can be hit or miss.

11) How durable does he need his wallet to be? Does he need the wallet to be fit for a construction site with lots of sweating involved?

A: If so, stay away from leather and go with a nylon material-choose either cordura which is thick and solid or a high density denier weave nylon-the higher the weave count the better the nylon will last. Buy only 200+ denier nylon.

12) How much do you want to spend on a gift wallet? Or how much should I spend on a gift wallet?

A: Wallets can be $9.95 to hundreds of dollars. Okay how much do you love or not love your Dad…kidding aside, don’t spend less than $20 on a gift wallet unless it is a card case wallet. That’s a good baseline figure for a decent enough very affordable wallet-anything beyond that and you are a great son! Lower than that, then you get what you pay for, and your Dad will probably leave you out of his will and spend more time with your brother or sister…

13) I really need more wallet details: How do I know if I am gifting a quality wallet?

A: If choosing leather: Make sure that it is top-grain or full-grain leather not the cheap genuine leather. Top-grain and Full-grain leather are the outer skin of the animal whereas anything citing genuine leather is just a fancy name for the 2nd and 3rd layers of the animal skin that have to be processed heavily to make them look good but they won’t last very long. More info than you wanted right? Bonded leather is even worse. Our apologies to the vegans/vegetarians in the wallet reading audience. If choosing an alternative material-make sure it looks like it will last and if it has a warranty.

Also, if choosing nylon, find out the weave density-anything lower than 200 denier is cheap and will fall apart sooner or later-wallets take a lot of abuse. Make sure the edges of the wallet are double-edged or covered & protected because alternative materials will mostly fray after constant use. If you see a raw edge of material, be very wary because it will tear up and fray over time unless you think your fashion-forward Dad might like that salvage look.

14) I really give up, I can’t decide, I wish my Dad would just tell me which wallet to buy him or just buy it himself and save me the wallet headache. What do I do?

A: It’s okay, we understand and perhaps your Dad will also. A Gift Certificate is the way to go. Retail Stores or most E-tailers offer gift certificates in various denominations. Of course, your Dad will now know how much you were willing to pay for his new wallet so it’s your family life call. Happy Shopping and thanks for reading.